Friday, October 12, 2012

Franny The Ghost To The Rescue

PIP Headquarters
9:00 a.m.

Indigo and Abby are slouched on the sofa at PIP Headquarters eating cold pizza and watching Ghost Whisperer.

Abby: I am so thankful Simon was able to find some more Wild Cherry Pepsi. I thought we were so grounded. Angela would have instantly known we had a party...

*Indigo mutes the commercial*

Abby: ...and I still can't believe Badger got out of here without being spotted.

Indigo: Thanks to Franny causing a distration, you mean.

Abby: Yeah. How'd she know he was here?

Indigo: She didn't. Not at first anyway. She has a guest spot over at Ciara Knight's blog today and wanted to store her gown nearby. Imagine her fright when she opened the closet and Badger was standing there.

*Abby snorts*

Abby: I can't believe that a human guy gave a ghost lady a "fright," as you put it. What does a ghost have to be afraid of?

*Indigo shrugs*

Indigo: I don't know. But why does a ghost change her clothing every day, for that matter?

Abby: Good point. Hey, don't Angela and Gwen have two stops today?

*Indigo glances at the sidebar*

Indigo: Yeah. Their other stop may be at Books Down My Pillow, hosted by Cam.  Still in the works?
While our lazy teens are gelling in front of the television, perhaps you want to go by Ciara Knight's blog where Franny the Ghost Madam and Father Quanon the Priest are guesting together.


  1. Hmmmm...methinks the girls are having an interesting time house sitting at PIP HQ.

  2. Yeah, don't they realize we know all and see all? And what's this about Badger and Franny? Of course we know how loyal Franny is to Indigo, so she's never going to admit anything.


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