Thursday, October 4, 2012

T-Minus, 5...4...3...2...1

Count down for launch day of Neverlove and Givin' Up The Ghost has fallen below the double-digit mark.  Just a few days away.  A TGIF and a good-time-weekend separate today from October 8th.

Are Gwen and I nervous?

Psh!  No! (Actually, that would be a screaming yes but don't tell anyone.  It'll be our little secret.)

Guess who's not nervous.  Indigo Eady and Abigail Bishop.  When you return on Monday, launch day, you'll find out why :-)

If you have not already, please feel free to add either book to your Goodread's TBR list by clicking the title names above.

Thanks everyone.  And catch you back here for the fun on Monday, October 8th :-)


  1. You'll be fine!!! Monday is going to rock.

    1. Thanks, Alex. Gwen and I are both so very excited :-)

  2. Yikes! How many days? OMG, I'd better quit visiting and get to work!


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