Monday, October 29, 2012

A Franny Wake-up Call

Monday, 10/29/2012

After a paranoia/insomnia-filled weekend of shifty eyes suspecting movement from every shadow, Indigo eventually taps out to sleep early evening Sunday.  Night and morning have passed.  She's finally roused from slumber by an incessant tapping at her door.  She stumbles to the door and opens it, too tired to even step into her favorite fuzzy slippers.

Indigo *yawns*: What is it, Franny?

Franny: Why on earth do you insist on putting that pouch over your door?

Indigo: Keeps the evil away.

Franny *scoffs, offended*: I'm no such thing.  You weren't using it before your little run in with the Devourer and the Dark Shadow...which YOU started this time.

*Abby shuffles to join Franny at Indigo's bedroom door*

Franny: And you, too, young lady *she wags a wispy finger at Abby*

Abby: What? I just came over because I thought I heard knocking.

Franny:  Yes.  That's right.  I was just telling Indigo there's someone at the door.

Indigo: No, you weren't.  You were scolding me for Abby's idea.

Franny: That too, but there's a portly woman waving some piece of paper at the door.  My kind frighten the living *casts a knowing gaze to Indigo then Abby* Well, most of them.  Will you get the door?  Or shall I?

After an unauthorized party and battling evil villains, one woman at the door should be an easy thing to handle, right?  Until next time, check out our visit over at Dianne Salerni's blog, In High Spirits, where we share some REAL Partners in ParanormYA case files.


  1. *sigh* Such a quiet day at PIP HQ. What will be ever do when the girls get back to the books?

    1. I guess we'll have to get back to the books as well :-)


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