Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mad, Barking Mad

ParaNormal Heights
Wednesday at Dusk

Previously at Partners in ParanormYA....

*Abby and Indigo exchange a glance. Only one guy sported sun glasses at night...and it wasn't because he was cool. And he was hot, alright...hell's fire hot: Devourer.*


Abby: For a start, we're on opposite sides of the war for souls. Plus, Basil was sort of his pet project and he thinks I stole him away. I'd sure like to get even with him for snitching on us to Angela and Gwen about the party.


Indigo: *shakes her head* I don't know why I let you talk me into these things, Abby. It's crazy, you do know that, don't you? It will have to be split-second timing, getting the Devourer and the Dark Shadow together at the same time. What if our plan doesn't work?


And now, back to the program...

*Indigo and Badger jog leisurely down ParaNormal Heights. A light mist clings to their clothing. The black, ominous clouds grumble, threatening to burst and pour their displeasure over Blogtown*

Badger: This is mad, absolutely mad.

Indigo: Barking mad. I am so afraid for Abby and Basil. Getting trapped at the end of the alley, behind the Devourer and the Dark Shadow...*she stiffens* He's behind us. The Dark Shadow.

Badger: *Grabs her hand and speeds up* Come on, then. And whatever you do, stay on your feet! I can't fight off a bloody dark entity on my own.

Indigo: Look! There's the alley.

*Indigo chances a quick glance back as they plunge into the alley. Dark Shadow, a black, misty, soul-collecting entity approaches like a whorling, nasty wind. Indigo and Badger sprint deep into the darkness, splashing through puddles and sewage. The evil mist nips at their heels* 
A dark alley is certainly a barking mad place to carry out a plan of vengeance against two villains with a discriminating taste for souls.  Find out next time how things turn out.  Today, J.C. Martin, the Fighting Writer, has a few questions to pose to Gwen and Angela.  Meanwhile, "stomping it out" is happening over at Maria Zannini's blog.


  1. Just mentioned to AB that you two should create a book of just your character interviews, etc. Standing by that assessment. :-D

    1. You are so awesome. Thanks for the suggestion. I think that could be pretty cool.


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