Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Laid Plans...Have Last Minute Changes

Dark and Creepy Alley
ParaNormal Heights

Devourer and Dark Shadow face off, one a villain of Neverlove and the other a villain of Givin' Up the Ghost.  Neither of them appear overly fond of the other.  Actually, can't really tell with the Dark Shadow since it has no face, but the tension is thick, nonetheless.

Devourer: So what are we going to do, Dark Shadow?  Just stand here, look at each other?

Dark Shadow expands and contracts his presence, deepening further into a dark inky blob of doom.

Devourer: that's how it is. *he snaps his finger*

*Two hellhounds spring free from their position by the Devourer's side.  A howl fills the air.*

*Abby takes another step back, foot clacking against something.  She reaches down and pulls up a Super Soaker Lightning Storm water gun.*

Indigo: Oh. Good. Thanks, Abby.  *Indigo plucks it from Abby's fingers and hands it to Badger.*

Abby: What the...?

Badger: It's filled with holy water.  Brilliant!  Indigo and I thought about it when we watched Supernatural the other night.  There should be one with a flashlight attached. That's for Indigo. Two more there for you and Basil.

*Digging in the darkness, the teens arm themselves.  Meanwhile, the two hellhounds attacking the Dark Shadow grow weaker, whimpering as they chomp and jump.

Devourer: Return to me.  *The hellhounds obey, both limping back.* No visible wounds.  I think I see how you work.

Basil: We're done with seeing how you work.

*Basil steps from the corner and opens fire on the Devourer and hellhounds, with Abby close behind.  Indigo flicks the flashlight on, landing the light upon Dark Shadow as she releases holy water. Badger barrels from the corner with a charging cry, water gun blasting.*

Devourer: What the he - Ooooow! Arrrrrgh!  I'll get you next time!

*Stumbling back from the surprise attack, the Devourer blends into the darkness, shadow jumping away with the hellhounds hot on his heels.  Dark Shadow loses its shape, its form dwindling to a mist that floats away.

Abby: That was awesome *fist pumps the air*

Indigo: That was dangerous, but it was fun *giggles and leans into Badger's embrace.

Basil: That was the end...for now

Badger: That's okay, mate.  If there's a bloody next time, we'll have each other.
Some plans actually do work...with a little help from water guns filled with holy water :-)
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  1. Take that, you dratted devils! Nothing a little holy water can't fix:)

    1. I think those kids put some Upmh! behind that :-)

  2. Haha! Abby and Indigo seem to be getting up to a lot of mischief while their "creators" are busy touring ;-)

    1. Rachel, they certainly have gotten up to a lot. We turn our backs for a few minutes, and they're off trying to get even with evil beings!


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