Monday, October 15, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

PIP Headquarters

Gwen and Angela quietly left in the morning for another week of touring the blogosphere leaving Abby and PIP  Again.  Good thing the girls are on holiday until the end of the blog tour.

*Indigo stumbles sleepily into the kitchen - ears flopping on her fuzzy bunny slippers - to put water on for coffee*

Abby *calls out from her room*:  Hey, Angela!

Indigo: Not here, Abby.  Her and Gwen are at Shelly Akron's blog.  Angie Sandro green lit them for today as well.  Just me and you again.

*Abby shuffles into the kitchen in her nightshirt and fuzzy slippers*

Indigo *eyeing Abby over her shoulder*: So what are we going to do?

Abby *eyes wide*: Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Last thing we need is another Wild Cherry Pepsi scare.  I'm just glad Angela didn't notice.

*knock...knock...knock at the front door*

Abby: I got it.  Probably one of them forgot something in all their giddiness.

Abby *yanking the door open*:  What did you - oh, well, well, well.  Look who we have here.

*Badger and Basil smile their winning smiles with offerings in their hands*
Thank you Word Clip Art :-)
Basil: Can we come in?

Abby: Two conditions.  Me and Indigo change 'cuz you kind of caught us waking up and -

Indigo *yelling from the kitchen*: No parties!
What teenage girl could turn down a steaming hot burger and fries...especially when they came with a cute boy?  While they enjoy an impromptu lunch, please enjoy our posts at Shelly's The Life of a Novice Writer and Angie's Oh, The Things I've Learned.

Yay! Now We're On To WEEK 2 GIVEAWAY!



  1. If anyone gets to visit Shelly's, please pass along a great big hug to Sir Poops. He had an embarrassing moment and now wants to stay in his box. Poor thing. Big hugs to Hairball too. And many thanks to Shelly and Angie for today.

  2. Finally! A quiet day at PIP Headquarters. Poor Sir Poops - he feels so bad, he just had to go to bed.


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