Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Damage Control

PIP Headquarters
Eleven - ish

Indigo: Hurry in guys.  We really need your help.

*Badger and Basil crush each other coming through the door at the same time.*

Basil: What's wrong, girls?

*Abby sets the laptop on the kitchen table.  Pressing one button, LMFAO's "Party Rockers Anthem" blasts from the speakers, teens squeeing, voices talking over each other in noisy conversations.*

Indigo *face now a shade shy of Hot Tamale candy red*: That!

Badger: The party?  But who recorded the bloody thing?

Abby: We don't know.  That's why we need your help.  We read through Neverlove and Givin' Up the Ghost all day yesterday but couldn't pin a person.

Basil:  How long do we have?

Indigo:  Gwen mentioned they had a stop at Mina Burrow's today.

Abby: And Carol it might be a while.

Basil: Then let's get started.  We have to figure this out before Angela and Gwen find out.  If they find out *shudder* Okay, I don't want to think about what would if happen if they find out.
Oh, party rockers on record. Wow.  Devourer may have done them a favor or a disservice sharing this with them.  We'll just have to see how things turn out for our quirky teens.  For the time being, please relax Under the Tiki Hut and make sure to check out some books for paranormal and mystic minds.

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