Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The End...But, Not Really

Wednesday, 10/31/2012
Early Morning

Gwen sits at the kitchen table, steam rising in wisps from her mug of tea.  Angela sits across from her, turning a small pottery cup of green tea in her hand.

Angela: The girls did an amazing job with the decorations.

Gwen: I know.  And didn't use a single one from our stash.

*Both ladies giggle*

Angela: They tried.  I see they stayed away from zombie stuff, though.

Gwen: Can't blame them.  Being attacked by the walking dead can give you a new perspective on a few things.

Angela *glances at the recently replaced door*: Yeah.  You're right.  Still on for the surprise?

Gwen: You know it.  Since the girls tuckered out early, I was able to get everything ordered.  It's their last day on holiday, after all.  Then it's back to the books for them.  Can't let them go out without a party.  Authorized this time.

Angela: I'm going to miss this tour, traveling from blog to blog, seeing what new drama the girls can get into.

Gwen: It's not the end.  Not by a long shot.  It's a new chapter in our journey.

Angela: A toast to new beginnings?

Gwen: Agreed.

*While Gwen and Angela clink cups, Abby and Indigo crouch in the shadows nearby, smiling, giving each other a fist pound, excited about the "surprise" party, and even more thrilled at the mystery, fun, romance and action that awaits them in THEIR next adventures.*


Gwen and Angela are ending their blogtown tour at a blog that is particularly special.  Check out Literary Rambles (big hugs to Natalie Aguirre!!!)


Week 3 Winners are announced!

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Jennie Bennett – 10 page critique and 50 page critique

Mary Preston – Personalized bookmark

Stephen Tremp – Personalized bookmark

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participating! You will be contacted soon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween What?

Tuesday, 10/30/2012
Mid Morning

Indigo *calling out as she enters the living room*: Gwen?  Where's Angela?  Abby?

Abby: In the kitchen.  Just got the coffee going.

Indigo: Did you see Gwen and Angela before they headed over to Tara Tyler Talks for today's visit?  You told them about the Halloween block special, right?

Abby: Yeah.  Insomnia is no good for you.  You conked right back out after Franny left your door yesterday.  I almost didn't start the coffee this morning until I heard you moving around, finally.

Indigo *blushing*: I'm better now.  So did they leave money for decorations?

Abby: Nope, just a letter on the table.

Dear Abby and Indigo,
Angela and I prepared for Halloween.  All the decorations are in the one place your party did not destroy.  Shouldn't be too difficult.  We expect them up when we return.

We'll be back soon,
Gwen and Angela 

Indigo: Hmmm...the one place the party didn't mess up...where's that?

Abby *shugs*: I don't know.  I thought maybe you knew.

Indigo *flushes even redder*: I don't know either.

Abby: We're so screwed.  Again!

Indigo: No, we're not.  If we can't find them, then we'll have to buy some.  Basil and Badger can help.  Then Gwen and Angela won't have to know.


There's a problem with Indigo's plan.  Can anyone guess?  Until the reveal that happens tomorrow - our last day of the blogtown tour - please visit Tara Tyler Talks for some curiosities answered.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Franny Wake-up Call

Monday, 10/29/2012

After a paranoia/insomnia-filled weekend of shifty eyes suspecting movement from every shadow, Indigo eventually taps out to sleep early evening Sunday.  Night and morning have passed.  She's finally roused from slumber by an incessant tapping at her door.  She stumbles to the door and opens it, too tired to even step into her favorite fuzzy slippers.

Indigo *yawns*: What is it, Franny?

Franny: Why on earth do you insist on putting that pouch over your door?

Indigo: Keeps the evil away.

Franny *scoffs, offended*: I'm no such thing.  You weren't using it before your little run in with the Devourer and the Dark Shadow...which YOU started this time.

*Abby shuffles to join Franny at Indigo's bedroom door*

Franny: And you, too, young lady *she wags a wispy finger at Abby*

Abby: What? I just came over because I thought I heard knocking.

Franny:  Yes.  That's right.  I was just telling Indigo there's someone at the door.

Indigo: No, you weren't.  You were scolding me for Abby's idea.

Franny: That too, but there's a portly woman waving some piece of paper at the door.  My kind frighten the living *casts a knowing gaze to Indigo then Abby* Well, most of them.  Will you get the door?  Or shall I?

After an unauthorized party and battling evil villains, one woman at the door should be an easy thing to handle, right?  Until next time, check out our visit over at Dianne Salerni's blog, In High Spirits, where we share some REAL Partners in ParanormYA case files.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Laid Plans...Have Last Minute Changes

Dark and Creepy Alley
ParaNormal Heights

Devourer and Dark Shadow face off, one a villain of Neverlove and the other a villain of Givin' Up the Ghost.  Neither of them appear overly fond of the other.  Actually, can't really tell with the Dark Shadow since it has no face, but the tension is thick, nonetheless.

Devourer: So what are we going to do, Dark Shadow?  Just stand here, look at each other?

Dark Shadow expands and contracts his presence, deepening further into a dark inky blob of doom.

Devourer: that's how it is. *he snaps his finger*

*Two hellhounds spring free from their position by the Devourer's side.  A howl fills the air.*

*Abby takes another step back, foot clacking against something.  She reaches down and pulls up a Super Soaker Lightning Storm water gun.*

Indigo: Oh. Good. Thanks, Abby.  *Indigo plucks it from Abby's fingers and hands it to Badger.*

Abby: What the...?

Badger: It's filled with holy water.  Brilliant!  Indigo and I thought about it when we watched Supernatural the other night.  There should be one with a flashlight attached. That's for Indigo. Two more there for you and Basil.

*Digging in the darkness, the teens arm themselves.  Meanwhile, the two hellhounds attacking the Dark Shadow grow weaker, whimpering as they chomp and jump.

Devourer: Return to me.  *The hellhounds obey, both limping back.* No visible wounds.  I think I see how you work.

Basil: We're done with seeing how you work.

*Basil steps from the corner and opens fire on the Devourer and hellhounds, with Abby close behind.  Indigo flicks the flashlight on, landing the light upon Dark Shadow as she releases holy water. Badger barrels from the corner with a charging cry, water gun blasting.*

Devourer: What the he - Ooooow! Arrrrrgh!  I'll get you next time!

*Stumbling back from the surprise attack, the Devourer blends into the darkness, shadow jumping away with the hellhounds hot on his heels.  Dark Shadow loses its shape, its form dwindling to a mist that floats away.

Abby: That was awesome *fist pumps the air*

Indigo: That was dangerous, but it was fun *giggles and leans into Badger's embrace.

Basil: That was the end...for now

Badger: That's okay, mate.  If there's a bloody next time, we'll have each other.
Some plans actually do work...with a little help from water guns filled with holy water :-)
Don't forget to join us today at Tyrean's Writing Spot where we share a bit of food for thought on physical interaction in YA fiction.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beware: There Be Evil Here

A Dark, Seedy Alley
ParaNormal Heights

*Whoosh! A sudden burst of flames explodes before them. Badger wraps his hand around Indigo's upper arm and pulls her to his side.*

*Abby and Basil, hand-in-hand, hurtle out of the blaze.*

Abby: He's right behind us!

Badger: The Devourer?

*Abby and Basil join Indigo and Badger, driving their bodies to the furthest, darkest corner of the alley*

Basil: Yeah, but he's not alone.

*Two, three, four hellhounds growl and snarl, breaking free of the fire.  The odor of decay thickens in the air when the Devourer saunters through with a confident swag.*

Devourer: I know you're here, Abby.  I can smell the suffering still clinging to your soul.  I--

*The Devourer lowers his sunglasses, empty eye sockets pinned to the opposite end of the alley.  The Dark Shadow, its dark, inky presence, bristles at the sight of the Devourer.  A shift of cold air dwindles the flames to little more than embers.  The hellhounds crouch beside the Devourer, jaws snapping.*

Devourer: Well, well, well.  You're not still upset about my little jab at Susan Kay Quinn's blog, are you?

*Abby sucked in a chilled breath as the Dark Shadow responded, dropping the air into a frigid cold*

Indigo *whispered*: This is bad.  This is really, really bad.


It appears Devourer and Dark Shadow, two villians from two different novels, are about to go head-to-head.  You can check out what happens tomorrow.  For today, you can find Gwen Gardner and Angela Brown over at Linda Jackson's blog discussing "doing things our way" and Michelle Pickett's blog where the resident ghost Franny Bishop - no relation to Abby Bishop - comes to the fashion rescue for...hmmmm...who?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mad, Barking Mad

ParaNormal Heights
Wednesday at Dusk

Previously at Partners in ParanormYA....

*Abby and Indigo exchange a glance. Only one guy sported sun glasses at night...and it wasn't because he was cool. And he was hot, alright...hell's fire hot: Devourer.*


Abby: For a start, we're on opposite sides of the war for souls. Plus, Basil was sort of his pet project and he thinks I stole him away. I'd sure like to get even with him for snitching on us to Angela and Gwen about the party.


Indigo: *shakes her head* I don't know why I let you talk me into these things, Abby. It's crazy, you do know that, don't you? It will have to be split-second timing, getting the Devourer and the Dark Shadow together at the same time. What if our plan doesn't work?


And now, back to the program...

*Indigo and Badger jog leisurely down ParaNormal Heights. A light mist clings to their clothing. The black, ominous clouds grumble, threatening to burst and pour their displeasure over Blogtown*

Badger: This is mad, absolutely mad.

Indigo: Barking mad. I am so afraid for Abby and Basil. Getting trapped at the end of the alley, behind the Devourer and the Dark Shadow...*she stiffens* He's behind us. The Dark Shadow.

Badger: *Grabs her hand and speeds up* Come on, then. And whatever you do, stay on your feet! I can't fight off a bloody dark entity on my own.

Indigo: Look! There's the alley.

*Indigo chances a quick glance back as they plunge into the alley. Dark Shadow, a black, misty, soul-collecting entity approaches like a whorling, nasty wind. Indigo and Badger sprint deep into the darkness, splashing through puddles and sewage. The evil mist nips at their heels* 
A dark alley is certainly a barking mad place to carry out a plan of vengeance against two villains with a discriminating taste for souls.  Find out next time how things turn out.  Today, J.C. Martin, the Fighting Writer, has a few questions to pose to Gwen and Angela.  Meanwhile, "stomping it out" is happening over at Maria Zannini's blog.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Was A Dark and Crazy Plan

PIP Headquarters
10:00 a.m.

Abby, Indigo, Basil and Badger are sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and pouring over a map of the seedier end of Blogtown.

Indigo: *shakes her head* I don't know why I let you talk me into these things, Abby. It's crazy, you do know that, don't you? It will have to be split-second timing, getting the Devourer and the Dark Shadow together at the same time. What if our plan doesn't work?

Abby: Look - the Dark Shadow wants souls, and the Devourer has an abundance. This plan will work.

Basil: Of course it will, babe.

Indigo: But this plan to get even with the Devourer is....

Badger: ...completely mental!

Indigo: Yes. Especially when I'm the bait!

Badger: You're not going alone. No way. I'm going with you.

Basil: We'll all go. Indigo, you and Badger will jog down ParaNormal Heights. It follows you everywhere right? Lead it down the alley here. *points to a spot on the map* Abby and I will be at the other end meeting up with the Devourer on some pretext.

Abby: You just lead Mister Shadow to us, we'll do the rest.

Indigo: But...but...

While the foursome of our novels are coming up with their brilliant plan, how about heading over to Nadja Notariani's blog for a bit of lighter reading?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Not Cleaning OCD - Just In Trouble Again

PIP Headquarters
9:01 a.m.

PIP Headquarters is a pitiful sight this morning, with Indigo (GUTG) and Abby (Neverlove) all decked out in their Cinderella-like cleaning duds, hair tied back, buckets full of soapy water and Playtex gloves up to their elbows. Turns out, girls who have unauthorized parties must pay the consequences.

Indigo: This sucks. *she's standing on the bathroom counter with a toothbrush, scrubbing the grooves in the light fixture*

Abby: Tell me about it. *plunges her latex-gloved hand into the toilet and scrubs vigorously*

Indigo: So, what's that Devourer dude got against you, anyway?

Abby: For a start, we're on opposite sides of the war for souls. Plus, Basil was sort of his pet project and he thinks I stole him away. I'd sure like to get even with him for snitching on us to Angela and Gwen about the party.

Indigo: *nods her head* He's plain evil, just like that soul-collecting Dark Shadow who's always after me. *shudders involuntarily* Too bad we can't get them both.

Abby: Hey, that's a great idea!

Indigo: What is?

Abby: Getting even with both of them, of course.

Indigo: Now wait a minute, Abby. I was just speaking hypothetically. I didn't mean we should actually go after them. That'd be really dangerous.

Abby: *stares off into the distance, a scheming look in her eyes*

Indigo: Abigail Bishop, you get that look out of your eyes right this minute....

While our teenage characters are thinking about getting themselves into yet another "situation," perhaps you want to catch their prerecorded Character Spotlights over at Cherie Reich's blog, and then you won't want to miss the showdown at E.J. Wesley's blog, The Open Vein.


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Friday, October 19, 2012

Keys and a Grin, a Scary Grin

Driveway of PIP Headquarters
6 a.m. - ish

Indigo: Angela was cool to let us take her Nissan today.

Abby:  Yeah, we'll make it for our stop at Medeia Sharif's blog in no time.

Indigo: And I know we have to check out Elizabeth Seckman's blog.  I heard Gwen mention something about Supernatural.  Those guys rock.  So hot!

Abby *tosses the keys to Indigo*: Your turn.

Indigo: Sweet!

Abby: I'm a little concerned, though.

Indigo: Why?

Abby: When Angela gave me her keys, she was smiling.  Like, a scary grin.

Indigo: You don't think they know, do you?

Abby: No.  I don't think so. They can't.  Could they?

*Abby and Indigo leave things at that, hoping things will just get back to normal.*


Please check out Medeia Sharif's blog.  Abby and Indigo will be there.  And dive into a bit of Supernatural Fact or Fiction at Elizabeth Seckman's blog.

We still have 2 Giveaways going on!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

1001 Ways to Use a Barrette

PIP Headquarters
3:17 p.m.

A cute girl clasps her hands in her lap, legs crossed at her ankles, seated at the PIP HQ kitchen table.  A pink curl dangles into her face.

The interrogation underway...

Indigo: So you're Mrs. Windleman's granddaughter, from down the street, right?

Cute girl:  Yep.  Just call me Mynda.

Abby: Okay, Mynda.  Why'd you record our party?

Indigo: Chill, Abby.  We can work our way to that.

Abby:  We can't.  Angela and Gwen will be back soon from checking how Basil and Badger did at Candilynn's blog.

Mynda: Um, excuse me...

Indigo: I heard Gwen and Angela whispering about a stop at Susan Kaye Quinn's blog.  But they don't have their names down for the stop.  I wonder who it could be?

Abby: I don't think I want to know.

Mynda: Hey, look, I didn't record your party.  Total lame move.

*Indigo's cheeks flush red at Mynda's apparent lie.  She flips open the laptop and speeds to the end of the recording (something both girls were too frantic to do until Basil and Badger made them watch the recording all the way through).  A flash of a pink haired girl briefly dips her head into the bathroom to check her hair.  The picture shifts slightly as she tucks a hair behind her ear and jostles a barrette.*

Abby: You're saying that's not you, Mynda?

Mynda:  That's me, but you saw what happened.  It was that barrette.  This guy stopped me on the way here and gave it to me, just asked me to give it back to him when I left.  I didn't know anything about the recording.  I do look cute, though.

Indigo:  And you did it?

Mynda:  He was hot.  Cool shades on even in the dark.  And his smile?  So, yeah.  It was just a barrette.

*Abby and Indigo exchange a glance.  Only one guy sported sun glasses at night...and it wasn't because he was cool.  And he was hot, alright...hell's fire hot:  Devourer.*


Just when they thought they'd nabbed their culprit, things get a bit more...complicated.  Why don't you go check out what the boys are up to at Candilynn Fite's Writerly Musings.  And don't forget to stop by Susan Kaye Quinn's blog to see WHO stopped by.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Damage Control

PIP Headquarters
Eleven - ish

Indigo: Hurry in guys.  We really need your help.

*Badger and Basil crush each other coming through the door at the same time.*

Basil: What's wrong, girls?

*Abby sets the laptop on the kitchen table.  Pressing one button, LMFAO's "Party Rockers Anthem" blasts from the speakers, teens squeeing, voices talking over each other in noisy conversations.*

Indigo *face now a shade shy of Hot Tamale candy red*: That!

Badger: The party?  But who recorded the bloody thing?

Abby: We don't know.  That's why we need your help.  We read through Neverlove and Givin' Up the Ghost all day yesterday but couldn't pin a person.

Basil:  How long do we have?

Indigo:  Gwen mentioned they had a stop at Mina Burrow's today.

Abby: And Carol it might be a while.

Basil: Then let's get started.  We have to figure this out before Angela and Gwen find out.  If they find out *shudder* Okay, I don't want to think about what would if happen if they find out.
Oh, party rockers on record. Wow.  Devourer may have done them a favor or a disservice sharing this with them.  We'll just have to see how things turn out for our quirky teens.  For the time being, please relax Under the Tiki Hut and make sure to check out some books for paranormal and mystic minds.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Devil in the Details

PIP Headquarters
8:00 a.m.

*Indigo creeps into Abby's room, pitch black from the heavy drapes.*

Indigo: Wake up, Abby.  Something's wrong.  I can feel it all over.

Abby: I know. *sigh* I can smell him.  He's somewhere close by.

Indigo:  Why are you still in bed?

Abby *yanking the blanket over her head*: I don't want to deal with it right now.

Indigo:  Come on.  I've got goose pimples on my goose pimples.  Find out what he wants then maybe he'll leave and I can get some more sleep.

*Abby grunts, slings the blanket aside and huffs as she gets out of bed.  Stepping into a pair of jogging pants, she - followed by a flashlight-wielding Indigo - tiptoes through the dark headquarters to the front door.*

Abby: The scent of death is strongest here.  And put the flashlight away, Indy.  He's the devil, not that thing.

Indigo: Sorry, force of habit.

Abby *opening the door*: What do you want, Devourer?

Devourer: Good morning to you, Cleanser.  Hospitality not high on your list?  Don't answer that.  Here.

*Devourer hands Abby a USB.*

Abby:  What am I supposed to do with this?

Devourer:  Whatever you want.  *a mischievous smile curls his lips* Ta Ta.

*Turning away, Devourer strolls down the sidewalk with an air of perfection and ease.  Indigo yanks the USB from Abby, runs to the laptop and brings up the lone file saved on it.  Abby and Indigo both gasp.*

Abby: We're so dead.

Indigo: I'm so going to to hell.

What kind of trouble could they be in now?  While they deal with this new drama, please go by Millie Holmes's blog and Carolyn Brown's blog to share in the adventure as Gwen and Angela continue their whirlwind tour around the blogosphere.

What do you think is on that USB file?

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much for participating and supporting Angela and Gwen. You will be contacted shortly for email and physical addresses where you'd like to receive your prizes.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

PIP Headquarters

Gwen and Angela quietly left in the morning for another week of touring the blogosphere leaving Abby and PIP  Again.  Good thing the girls are on holiday until the end of the blog tour.

*Indigo stumbles sleepily into the kitchen - ears flopping on her fuzzy bunny slippers - to put water on for coffee*

Abby *calls out from her room*:  Hey, Angela!

Indigo: Not here, Abby.  Her and Gwen are at Shelly Akron's blog.  Angie Sandro green lit them for today as well.  Just me and you again.

*Abby shuffles into the kitchen in her nightshirt and fuzzy slippers*

Indigo *eyeing Abby over her shoulder*: So what are we going to do?

Abby *eyes wide*: Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Last thing we need is another Wild Cherry Pepsi scare.  I'm just glad Angela didn't notice.

*knock...knock...knock at the front door*

Abby: I got it.  Probably one of them forgot something in all their giddiness.

Abby *yanking the door open*:  What did you - oh, well, well, well.  Look who we have here.

*Badger and Basil smile their winning smiles with offerings in their hands*
Thank you Word Clip Art :-)
Basil: Can we come in?

Abby: Two conditions.  Me and Indigo change 'cuz you kind of caught us waking up and -

Indigo *yelling from the kitchen*: No parties!
What teenage girl could turn down a steaming hot burger and fries...especially when they came with a cute boy?  While they enjoy an impromptu lunch, please enjoy our posts at Shelly's The Life of a Novice Writer and Angie's Oh, The Things I've Learned.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Franny The Ghost To The Rescue

PIP Headquarters
9:00 a.m.

Indigo and Abby are slouched on the sofa at PIP Headquarters eating cold pizza and watching Ghost Whisperer.

Abby: I am so thankful Simon was able to find some more Wild Cherry Pepsi. I thought we were so grounded. Angela would have instantly known we had a party...

*Indigo mutes the commercial*

Abby: ...and I still can't believe Badger got out of here without being spotted.

Indigo: Thanks to Franny causing a distration, you mean.

Abby: Yeah. How'd she know he was here?

Indigo: She didn't. Not at first anyway. She has a guest spot over at Ciara Knight's blog today and wanted to store her gown nearby. Imagine her fright when she opened the closet and Badger was standing there.

*Abby snorts*

Abby: I can't believe that a human guy gave a ghost lady a "fright," as you put it. What does a ghost have to be afraid of?

*Indigo shrugs*

Indigo: I don't know. But why does a ghost change her clothing every day, for that matter?

Abby: Good point. Hey, don't Angela and Gwen have two stops today?

*Indigo glances at the sidebar*

Indigo: Yeah. Their other stop may be at Books Down My Pillow, hosted by Cam.  Still in the works?
While our lazy teens are gelling in front of the television, perhaps you want to go by Ciara Knight's blog where Franny the Ghost Madam and Father Quanon the Priest are guesting together.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Badger in the Closet

PIP Headquarters
Blogtown, USA
October 11, 2012
Early a.m.

*knock, knock, knock*

Indigo peeks through the peephole and sees Badger, cute even through the wonky viewfinder. A smile spreads across Indigo's face. She opens the door and drags him inside.  Abby traipses down the hall to join them.

*Badger is empty-handed.*

*Indigo cocks her eyebrow, crosses her arms and taps her foot.*

Indigo: Don't tell me you forgot again? Two days in a row?

Badger: I tried, Indigo! Apparently there's a run on Wild Cherry Pepsi. I can't find it anywhere.

*The trio head down the hall to the entertainment room.*

Abby: Oh no. What are we going to do? Those were Angela's - if she finds out we drank her WCP...

Indigo: ...and had a party...

*Badger almost sat down on the virtual sofa, but changed his mind. Instead, he beat feet down the hall. Abby and Indigo chase after him.*

Abby: Where are you going?

Badger: I'm out of here. All I need is for Angela to find out I was here, and at a party here on Monday - she'll talk Gwen into making me the devil or something equally evil in her next novel. No, thank you!

*Voices at the front door causes a train derailment as the three teens collide in the hall.*

Indigo: Quick, in here!

*Abby opens the office door and Indigo shoves Badger inside.*

*Gwen and Angela come through the front door with Meradeth Houston.*

Abby: Hi! What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at Meradeth's blog today.

Angela: We only had one stop today, remember? So we thought we'd give Meradeth the tour before we head over to her place.

*The girls share worried looks. The office is where they happened to shove Badger into.*

While the girls work on getting out of this predicament, perhaps you'd like to head over to Meradeth Houston's blog. She's hosting us today, and we'll be talking about paranormal happenings and things of that nature.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Characters on the Hunt

PIP Headquarters
Blogtown, USA
October 10, 2012
11:00 a.m.

Potpourri clung to the air with a sweet and soothing appeal.  The Partners in ParanormYA entertaining room no longer resembled an after-party, throw-down, bash catastrophe.  Linkin Park's "Breaking the Habit" played low in the background.  Abby slouched in a chair, dust rag barely held by her fingertips.  Indigo lay half on and half off the couch with a feather duster in hand.

Abby: I can't believe the whole place was trashed.

Indigo: I can't believe it took us all day and night to clean things up.

Abby:  It wouldn't have taken so long if that ghost friend of yours didn't keep moving things all over the place.

Indigo: Franny can't help herself.  But I'll talk to her.

*Knock, knock, knock at the front door.  Indigo and Abby bolted upright and looked at each other.*

Abby: Can't be Angela and Gwen.  It's Wednesday.  I glanced at their schedule and saw a visit to Jessa Russo's blog for today.

Indigo: Don't forget about J.L. Campbell.  Gwen said they may be stopping by to show off HQ.  I was hoping she meant their new work space in the addition next door.

*Indigo crept to the door and checked the peephole.  Her lips curled into a grin and a blush tinged her cheeks.*

Indigo: It's just Badger.

Abby: Did he get the Wild Cherry Pepsi?

*Indigo opened the door, looked at his empty hands, and dropped her smile instantly.*

Indigo:  No.  He didn't.  We're in soooo much trouble.

Our teen characters have some things to take care of.  While they're busy working on getting out of possible trouble, please stop by Joy's blog to see how Gwen and I actually work together and visit Jessa's blog to find out something painful both Abby and Indigo have in common.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After the Party...Uh Oh

PIP Headquarters
Blogtown, USA
October 9, 2012
Some blurry time of the day

Abby and Indigo stood in the center of the Partners in ParanormYA's main entertaining room.

Both with wide eyes.

Mouths agape.

At some point during the party, someone found the decorations.  Streamers dangled from the ceiling fan in colors of red, black, yellow and white.  LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" single CD got scratched at some point and was stuck repeating "Every day I'm shuffling".  Empty paper cups, plates and napkins littered the floor, along with a trio of empty pizza boxes.

Indigo:  Oh.  My. God!

Abby: It's okay, Indy.  Angela and Gwen won't be back for a while.  They're headed over to Brooke Johnson's place today.  Heard Angela mention it had to do with killing someone.  I didn't get to catch the whole thing.

Indigo: What?!?!?

Abby:  Not "actually" killing someone.  At least, I don't think.  But they're also visiting Brinda Berry's place...something about taking ghosts.

Indigo:  Uh oh.  We're going to be in so much trouble.

Abby: We'll get this cleaned up in no time.

Indigo:  Not that.  Look...

*Indigo pointed a finger to the trash can.  Half a dozen Wild Cherry Pepsi cans peeked out from the garbage.  Abby gasped.*

Abby: Call Badger.  We're going to need help.

Day two of the blog tour has started with an oopsey with our teen characters.  Perhaps they'll get the whole mess straightened out while all of you go visit Brooke's and Brinda's blogs

Monday, October 8, 2012

PIP Party Central Blog Takeover and Giveaway!

PIP Headquarters
Blogtown, USA
October 8, 2012
6:01 a.m.

Angela Brown and Gwen Gardner rush around, completing final preparations for the kick-off of their blog tour. Partners in ParanormYA Headquarters will be left in the trusted hands of Abby (Neverlove) and Indigo (Givin’ Up The Ghost) while they’re away.

They absolutely do not want to be late for their appointment with Alex Cavanaugh...

“Abby?!” Angela yells down the hall. She shoves a red sweater into her suitcase and slams it shut. She rolls it down the hall, sweater sleeve sticking out and dragging along the floor. “Abby? Where are you?”

“Here I am,” said Abby. She pops up from the virtual sofa.

“Good. Do you know where my book is?” says Angela. She begins looking around frantically. Under couch cushions, in the refrigerator.

Abby follows her to the kitchen. “You mean Neverlove? The one that’s releasing today?”

Angela nods. "Yes, that's the one."

“No. Never heard of it,” Abby responds.

Angela shoots a stern look at Abby.

Abby sighs. “It’s already on Amazon, Angela! It's uploaded and ready for purchase. You don’t need it. Now quit freaking out. It’s going to be fine.”

“Who’s freaking out now?” Indigo comes from down the hall.


“Yeah, I know what you mean. Gwen’s in the bathroom and won’t come out.” Indigo plops onto the sofa.

Angela runs from the room. Banging ensues on the bathroom door.


An hour later...

“Okay,” says Gwen, rolling her suitcase to the front door. “We’re ready. But where’s my book? Where’s Givin' Up The Ghost?!”

“Relax, Gwen.” Angela snorts and shakes her head. “It’s on Amazon, of course.”

“Oh. Oh yeah." Gwen turns to Indigo. "Now Indigo...”

“...and Abby,” Angela adds, looking at Abby pointedly.

“...if you need us, you have our itinerary. It’s there in the sidebar.” Gwen’s pale face looks as if she might need another trip to the bathroom.

“And Abby, do you remember the rules?” asked Angela.

“No parties,” said Abby and Indigo in unison. They grin at each other.  

“Yes, and...” Angela began.

“No boys,” the girls said in unison, once again.

“And, uh...” says Gwen, unable to actually finish a complete sentence.

“No rumpy pumpy.” Indigo’s cheeks flame.  

“Huh?” Abby looks confused.

“Hanky panky,” Indigo clarifies.

“Oh,” said Abby. “No, of course not. Well, you two better get going. You don’t want to be late for your meeting with Alex.” She makes motions with her hands like she’s herding chickens.

“We’re going, we’re going,” said Angela, headed to the door.

The door closes...

Abby and Indigo high five each other...

“What time is it?” says Abby.

“It’s party time!” Indigo yells.

Dancing ensues....

In case you didn't actually "get" it, Neverlove and Givin' Up The Ghost are published and ready for purchase on Amazon. How do you purchase them, you ask?

On Amazon!

Buy Neverlove HERE.

Buy Givin' Up The Ghost HERE.



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Thursday, October 4, 2012

T-Minus, 5...4...3...2...1

Count down for launch day of Neverlove and Givin' Up The Ghost has fallen below the double-digit mark.  Just a few days away.  A TGIF and a good-time-weekend separate today from October 8th.

Are Gwen and I nervous?

Psh!  No! (Actually, that would be a screaming yes but don't tell anyone.  It'll be our little secret.)

Guess who's not nervous.  Indigo Eady and Abigail Bishop.  When you return on Monday, launch day, you'll find out why :-)

If you have not already, please feel free to add either book to your Goodread's TBR list by clicking the title names above.

Thanks everyone.  And catch you back here for the fun on Monday, October 8th :-)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Audio-Visual Stimulation

Sometimes, it's kind of nice to share something...different.  Hope you enjoy this little blog tour reminder.

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.
The music is titled Reveal by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.