Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After the Party...Uh Oh

PIP Headquarters
Blogtown, USA
October 9, 2012
Some blurry time of the day

Abby and Indigo stood in the center of the Partners in ParanormYA's main entertaining room.

Both with wide eyes.

Mouths agape.

At some point during the party, someone found the decorations.  Streamers dangled from the ceiling fan in colors of red, black, yellow and white.  LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" single CD got scratched at some point and was stuck repeating "Every day I'm shuffling".  Empty paper cups, plates and napkins littered the floor, along with a trio of empty pizza boxes.

Indigo:  Oh.  My. God!

Abby: It's okay, Indy.  Angela and Gwen won't be back for a while.  They're headed over to Brooke Johnson's place today.  Heard Angela mention it had to do with killing someone.  I didn't get to catch the whole thing.

Indigo: What?!?!?

Abby:  Not "actually" killing someone.  At least, I don't think.  But they're also visiting Brinda Berry's place...something about taking ghosts.

Indigo:  Uh oh.  We're going to be in so much trouble.

Abby: We'll get this cleaned up in no time.

Indigo:  Not that.  Look...

*Indigo pointed a finger to the trash can.  Half a dozen Wild Cherry Pepsi cans peeked out from the garbage.  Abby gasped.*

Abby: Call Badger.  We're going to need help.

Day two of the blog tour has started with an oopsey with our teen characters.  Perhaps they'll get the whole mess straightened out while all of you go visit Brooke's and Brinda's blogs


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