Monday, September 30, 2013

The Great Destruction: Who Killed the WCP?

We are proud to bring you a very special Partners in ParanormYA miniseries. The Great Destruction was created for your viewing pleasure, and will run all week in honor of Angela’s and Gwen’s new book releases.

And now, episode I: Who Killed The WCP?


Angela unlocks the door at PIP headquarters and steps over the threshold. She stops in her tracks, causing Gwen to run into her back…

Gwen: Oof.

Angela: Oh. My. Word.

*Gwen, Abby and Indigo scramble to peek around her*

Gwen: *gasps* Oh. My. Word.

Abby: *wading into the room* Yeah, I think we got that part covered, Gwen.

Indigo: What in heaven’s name happened here?

*Candy wrappers and empty chip bags littered the carpet. Clothing was scattered across the floor. Boxes of Angela’s and Gwen’s new releases had been opened and the books strewn across the living room. Stray kernels of white fluffy popcorn crunched beneath their feet as they waded further into the room. Gwen swats at a flying feather.*

Angela: Someone had a party. *she narrows her eyes at Abby and Indigo* Or a couple of someone’s had a party.

*The girls start to deny their involvement, when…*

Gwen: Look!  *points to a corner next to the couch*

Angela: *Makes her way wide-eyed over to the corner, then stoops to pick something up. Slowly she turns. An empty can of her beloved Wild Cherry Pepsi lay in her hand. A dozen others, crushed and left for dead in the corner...*


Who would dare do such a thing? Stay tuned for episode II of The Great Destruction: The Unforgiven, tomorrow, when you will also find links for Tuesday’s tour stops.

Angela and Gwen

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pssst! Partners in ParanormYA Announce Tour!

As a lot of you know, the PIPs are about to launch another book tour, starting next week. It’s just a quick book blitz this time, only four days. And yet, we have four to five stops per day. Never fear, though, because we managed to borrow a cloning machine from a certain awesome blogger we know…but I digress.

This tour will feature the sequels to our last books, Neverlove and Givin’ Up The Ghost.
They All Fall Down and A Guilty Ghost Surprised have the same casts of lovable characters (and some, not so much) as the last tour. And of course, a lot of cross-over action will be going on between the books, characters and authors on the tour.

We’ll be posting the links with scheduled stops here every day. If you follow along, you’ll notice themes, such as radio interviews and game shows.
There will be a rafflecopter giveaway, too!

Plus, right here on this very blog will be a mystery to solve…
We hope you return to the scene of the crime, er, blog opera, no wait...just come back, okay?
Angela and Gwen


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Youth in Sneak Mode


Hey! Abby and Indigo here. We got a little secret for you.

Indgo: Actually, it's just Abby.

Abby: We agreed to do this together.

Indigo: I just - I can't. What if Angela and Gwen find out?

Abby: The readers have to know. Gwen and Angela could have left well enough alone but they didn't. I'm not trying to say something bad, not really, but they need to know that Gwen and Angela have some cruel imaginations putting us through so much.

Indigo: I think that's called life, Abby. I'm so going to hell for sneaking like this.

Abby: You're not going to hell but, shhhh! I hear someone coming. We better go!