Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love, ParanormYA

The Partners in ParanormYA would like to wish each and everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!


It's such a small word for such powerful expressions. From a single red rose...
To intimate moments...
May the love you share with that special someone run deep.

Valentine's Day is a special celebration of love. Enjoy it to bits :-)

Love, ParanormYA

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paranormal Mutations and Other Such Fancies

Hello ParanormYA peeps! Since I know you guys are the ParanormYA experts, I want to run my new novella series by you. I'm having doubts and think you can help. If you already saw my IWSG post, then this is pretty much the same.

My new novella series (An Indigo Eady Afterlife novella) is an off-shoot of my first series, the first book being Givin' Up The Ghost. My protag, Indigo, is a teenage ghost whispering psychic who can see and speak to ghosts, which is instrumental in solving the murder of her friend's dad.

My new novella series was actually inspired by the second book in the original series, A Guilty Ghost Surprised (not yet published). There is a scene where Indigo has a conversation with Franny, a Victorian ghost madam (you may remember Franny from our blog tour, where she appears on a talk show with Father Quanon from Angela Brown's Neverlove  HERE and also stages a fashion intervention HERE). Franny reveals to Indigo that there is a whole spirit community in Sabrina Shores (mostly Victorian) that basically is parallel to the living world. They have community meetings, court each other, and socialize as if they're still alive. Franny hints that some of the creatures in the afterlife may not have actually been...human. And of course trouble was brewing on the horizon.

So Second Death, the off-shoot, is...more fanciful, to say the least. It picks up from the conversation between Indigo and Franny in AGGS about the overactive spirit community in Sabrina Shores and takes it a bit over the top. Indigo is basically drafted onto the Missing Paranormals Committee by a ghostly high court judge during court proceedings of the highly active spirit world which takes place in an old dilapidated courthouse. She must serve on the committee alongside other spirits to investigate what happened to the missing spirits/ghosts/paranormal creatures.

The new Afterlife series will also introduce other such afterlife characters that have been mutated by what they had become in previous lives. Add spirits, ghosts, these other paranormal creatures and mix it with sometimes bizarre paranormal happenings, and you get....something more over the top than the original series. But I think it still encompasses the light paranormal characteristics of my first series, and is, in my opinion, just like I said - more fanciful.

The difference between the two series is that Indigo becomes much more active in the spirit world, rather on the periphery, in Second Death. AND there are some pretty off the wall creatures and happenings.

I worry that it may be too over the top and wonder whether it will reflect on my original series in any way because I'm using some of the same characters.

What do you think?

Any thoughts on what's too much?

Will it reflect on my original series?