Thursday, September 27, 2012

When One + One + One Does Not Equal Three

Gwen and I are partners - Partners in ParanormYA.  Our one + one equals two easily.  So imagine our surprise when we were casually approached as we sat sipping tea and eating scones - this is all happening in our imaginations, of course.

This strange character, more like a stick figure - literally, not a lick of clothing on the poor thing's lines-for-limbs and body parts, even the head was a wobbly sort of two-dimension shape of confusion - promptly announced, in an uproarious voice, "I'm in a book!"

Tea cups clanged against saucers, drips slurped from the corners of our lips and Cleo the Ghost Cat hissed and ran off to a corner.  (You'll understand Cleo once you've gotten a copy of and had a chance to chuckle at Cleo in GIVIN' UP THE GHOST).  Gwen and I exchanged glances and pasted on nervous grins.

"Good for you, uh, whoever you are," we said in unison as we dabbed napkins at our faces and the table to clear some of our mess.

"I'm in a book!" The character could do little more than repeat itself.  It had no ability to move.  Then I realized why it shouted.  It had a round "O" for a mouth.

"Who - what are you?" I leaned forward, curious.  Gwen eyed the character briefly then returned to her tea, shifting a wary glance mid-sip, fearful of another shout.

"Imina Book.  That's me.  Self-published.  Come to join PIP."

Gwen spat out her tea.  She put her smile on again and through clenched teeth said, "I don't remember putting out a call for additional partners.  Did you, Angela?"

I shook my head.  Curioser and curioser this had become.

Finally, I stood up and helped Imina to a chair, asking a million questions like, "How many revisions did your author do?  Did he do any rewrites?  How many betas had a chance to read you?  Do you not have a cover?  Any marketing at all?"  None and no were its answers, though Imina had a book cover that it didn't like so it hoped joining forces with us would give it some help.

Gwen and I were sad to decline the poor dear.  It was clearly overwhelmed and underdone.  We looked at each other, considering our own decision to self-publish NEVERLOVE and GIVIN' UP THE GHOST.

(Have we done all we can do to give our characters full life, breath and meaning; to make them three-dimensional characters readers can empathize with or connect with on some level?)

The days are counting down, publication date coming closer.  But as we helped Imina up and sent him back on his way, we realized how it was possible that one + one + one does not always equal three.****

For readers and bloggers, is there something you do or are involved in where you ponder if you're giving it your all?  Your answer may be too personal to put in comments, and that's understandable.  But Gwen and I want YOU to know that we value your time, your efforts and your willingness to give our novels a chance.  And we thank you because you are the difference makers in rallying toward success :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where Do Ghosts Live?

Indigo Eady from Givin' Up The Ghost
Once again we are interviewing Indigo Eady, our expert teen ghost whisperer.

Welcome, Indigo! Thanks for being here today.

Thanks for inviting me, Gwen. I'll try to answer all your questions, but of course I don't know everything about ghosts.

Well, let's start with something easy, then. Where do ghosts live?

Good question, but not at all an easy one to answer. I'm not entirely sure. I believe there's an in-between world, between our material world and heaven. I once thought it was nothingness, just a black void, but now I'm not so sure.

What do you mean?

Take Franny Bishop, for instance. She's a nineteenth century ghost madam. She's sort of decided to take me under her wing and so she pops in at different times to check up on me. If she pops in during the early morning, she's usually wearing a dressing gown and her hair is down.

And? I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Don't you see? She's wearing a dressing gown. As if she just got out of bed and threw on her robe. And she usually wears her hair up, not down.

Ah! I get it. So, at least in Franny's mind, she's been in bed sleeping?

Exactly. But that's not all. She has a very elaborate and extensive wardrobe. She rarely wears the same thing twice. So you see, if ghosts really lived in nothingness, why all the wardrobe changes? She's always giving me fashion advice. I'm afraid I'm hopeless, though.  *sigh*

Are all ghosts like that about their wardrobes?

Not at all. Bart Bagley, he is - er, was, Badger's dad. You remember, he's the murder victim in Givin' Up The Ghost. He wears the same jeans and pendleton shirt every time I see him.
Hmmm, interesting. I wonder why that is?

I think it has something to do with how long they've been dead and whether or not they've accepted their deaths. Bart's only been dead three months and definitely has not accepted his death. Do you remember what happened in the pub snug at the Blind Badger? He was awfully upset. That's why he wants me to help him find his murderer.

Whereas Franny has obviously been dead for a long time and doesn't seem to mind being dead at all. And neither does Hannah for that matter...

Hannah? Who's Hannah?

Don't you remember? She's the seventeenth century serving girl from the Blind Badger pub. She's very interactive. Loves technology, which totally aggravates Riley. She's always messing with her cell phone.

That's right - the technology-loving ghost.

Have you tried asking them where they go?

Well - in the next book, A Ghostly Thing Surprised, Franny and I have a conversation about the Soul Collector. She does mention a community meeting...

A community meeting? As in...a community meeting of organized ghosties?

*Indigo nods* It reminds me of a cross between a normal society and....

A normal society and what?

*whispers* The Withers

The Withers? You mean the Withers from Angela Brown's book, Neverlove?

*Indigo nods again*

Whoa. That's scary.

*Indigo's lips flatline*

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flipping the Script - ParanormYA style

Gwen and I are thrilled to have another character visiting Partners in ParanormYA.  Basil, as you probably remember from NEVERLOVE's blurb, had a slip-of-the-tongue moment that bound him to servitude to, well, he doesn't like to talk much about that.  So instead, I offered to flip the script and let him ask me a few questions.

Yeah, so, Basil here.  I have a bone to pick - uh - I mean, a few questions for you, Angela Brown.

Angela:  Erm, okay.  So go for it.

Basil:  So you just couldn't let my parents be cool, huh?

Angela:  Oh, so this is THAT kind of interview?  Um, well, I mean, I don't know a whole lot of teens that think their parents are the coolest thing, ever.  But I'll admit, you had a tough cookie for a mom.

Basil:  Mother, not mom.

Angela: Oh, right.  That respect thing.  Got it.

Basil: Now, I admit, you kind of made up for it with Pam.  She was hot. *blushes*

Angela:  Well, good.  Glad you liked her.

Basil *quirking an eyebrow*:  I didn't say that.  I just said she was hot.

Angela *grinning wickedly*:  Well, what about Abby?

Basil: *stares off in the distance, glossy look to his eyes*

Angela *snaps fingers*

Basil: Uh...wait...what?  You got me thinking about Abby.

Angela *shaking my head*: Never mind

Now that Basil is thinking about Abby, I'm going to sneak off lol!!!

Um...hmmmm...that interview did not go quite as I planned.  But, I think I'm safe, for the moment lol!!

Has anyone else had an interview that went awry?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Indigo Eady on ParanormYA Abilities

Illustration by
Corona Zschusschen
Hello Paranormya peeps! Angela and I are so happy you stopped by. We have a very special surprise guest today. I thought you paranormYA fans would like to hear a little bit more about some unique paranormya (pronounced paranormia) abilities.

So today I've invited my main character, Indigo Eady, from Givin' Up The Ghost, to discuss the gifts she uses.  

Please feel free to chime in with any questions you may have.

Indigo, I understand that you don't like people to know about your special abilities. Why is that?

When I was young, I thought everybody could see and speak to ghosts. When I started school, I found out differently. When I'd pass a message from a spirit on to someone, they'd say I was lying. Then I'd get teased and the kids called me a freak and a witch and all sorts of unkind things. Needless to say I didn't have very many friends. That's why I don't like people to know. It makes them uncomfortable.

Can you share a little about these abilities with us?

Yes. I can see and speak to ghosts, and I also do Psychometry.


Psychometry. It's the ability to read the energy or history from a person or object. I'm not very good at it though. Or I should say that I'm not good at controlling it. It, uh, often backfires.

Backfires? What do you mean? Can you give us an example?

Without giving anything away about the book, I can tell you that sometimes when I shake hands with someone, I get a vision of something from their lives, something momentous or important. It runs through my head like a film clip. If that person is violent or has known violence, it can manifest negatively. I have to be very careful about what I touch.

Manifests negatively? I'm not sure I understand.

*Indigo holds her hands out, palms up. Scars of all shapes and sizes criss-cross them* What most often happens is they blister. And I have to be very careful about picking up someone's pint glass, because, *she shrugs*, if they are a big drinker, then chances are I feel the results of that.

What? Do you mean - you get drunk? Just from touching the glass?

*She nods and looks uncomfortable.* I'd rather not talk about that. Badger didn't fare well the last time I...never mind.

Oh. Yeah. I do seem to recall...but never mind. Okay, then. How is it working with your new friends? They don't seem to mind about your being psychic.

No, they're great. They don't mind. Simon is my cousin, of course, and my best friend. But when Badger found out about me, he didn't believe me at first. I had to prove myself. The others, Badger's sister Riley and my friend Cappy - they didn't have trouble believing.

I have to ask this. You have an awful lot of mishaps. What's up with that?

*A big sigh* First, let me set the record straight. I am not clumsy. I'm really not. I'm...a coordinated person who uncoordinated things happen to. It's the ghosts and the Psychometry that keep me off kilter. I don't trip over my own feet or anything like that. I'm usually running from a dark spirit or chasing another one, or...*she pins me with her vivid blue gaze* you could help me with that, you know. You're the writer - you could fix that particular idiosyncracy.

*I shake my head.* I just write it as I see it. Besides, I think it's a very endearing trait, that you are, um...challenged in that way.

Please, Gwen. Or at least let someone else be the target for a change. No - wait. That didn't come out right. *clamps hand over her mouth.* I am so going to hell for that. It's just that Badger, you know...

Yes? Badger what?

Well, he's my friend...

Just a friend?

Yes, of course. *her cheeks turn crimson* And I'm always running him over and...well, other stuff. I don't want. I. We. Nothing. *sigh* It's complicated.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Partners in ParanormYA BIG REVEAL!!!!

Mystery and mayhem teamed with heartache and overcoming. Follow PIP here.
It's that time folks, the moment Gwen and I have been so excited for.  Well, one of the moments.  This Indie publishing adventure has been one thrilling moment after another.  So here they are, our covers for GIVIN' UP THE GHOST and NEVERLOVE by Gwen Gardner and Angela Brown, respectively.

Corona Zschusschen
Friend or Foe?

Murder victim Bart Bagley is not content to merely roll over in his grave. He wants his murderer caught and he wants teenage ghost whisperer, Indigo Eady, to help him.

It becomes obvious that Bart’s temper lead to more than one disagreement, but is it enough to want him dead? With nothing but a cold trail and a hot list of “friendly” suspects, Indigo and her friends race to find the killer before they become the next victims.

Indigo Eady is not clumsy. At least, that’s what she keeps telling everyone. Can she help that the overactive spirit community of Sabrina Shores causes her psychic abilities to short-circuit? It’s unfortunate that her cute new friend Badger is often on the receiving end of her mishaps. At times, she is positively hazardous to his health. Even so, sparks start to fly in more than one direction...

Heather McCorckle of CP Designs

For seventeen-year-old Abigail, one rash decision leads to an unexpected chance for redemption. At V'Salicus Academy, a unique institute where she trains to become an agent of heaven, she struggles with the pain of her past, the changes of the present and accepts a loveless future until her path – and heart – crosses with Basil’s.

Basil's off-chance slip of the tongue binds him to a life of servitude to the Devourer, the master of hell. His existence has no upside until a chance meeting with Abigail brings new perspective.

Keeping the truth of their present lives from each other brings disaster when secrets are brought to light and the life of Abigail’s mentor is put on the line.

Can Abigail and Basil save her mentor and salvage their love amid the chaos? Or will they lose it all, destined forever to NEVERLOVE?

About the authors:
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Gwen Gardner

Running, writing and reading are my favorite things.

I am also a dreamer.

Have you ever told yourself that "some day" I'm going to travel or write or whatever it is that you are passionate about but can't do right now for whatever reason? You can go for years and years and keep telling yourself that "some day" you'll do it. Too often "some day" never comes. But mine did. I am a former Administrative Manager and Vice President of a successful swimming pool plastering company - until I woke up one day and realized that my "some day" had arrived. I quit my job, moved to the mountains and began to write. Crazy, I know. But even crazier? Is when you get to the end of your life and realize that your "some day" is too late. Life is much too short for that! So the adventure has begun.

GIVIN' UP THE GHOST is a YA paranormYA cozy mystery, the first in the Indigo Eady series, due out October 8, 2012.

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Angela Brown

Reading and writing have been lifelong passions. It was around the time I gave birth to my forever-love, nicknamed Chipmunk, that I really took writing seriously. After all, how could I teach my child to follow her dreams if I hadn't tried myself?

As a YA fantasy/sci-fi reader and author, I favor the magical, mysterious, the darker side of life...even harbor a secret fright for things that go bump in the night.

NEVERLOVE is a special project spawned from a blog-challenge-turned-blog-opera, the Abby and Basil affair. It is the first in the Shadow Jumpers series and due out October 8, 2012.

Thank you EVERYONE for sharing in our cover reveal.  Please feel free to share with others as well :-)