Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where Do Ghosts Live?

Indigo Eady from Givin' Up The Ghost
Once again we are interviewing Indigo Eady, our expert teen ghost whisperer.

Welcome, Indigo! Thanks for being here today.

Thanks for inviting me, Gwen. I'll try to answer all your questions, but of course I don't know everything about ghosts.

Well, let's start with something easy, then. Where do ghosts live?

Good question, but not at all an easy one to answer. I'm not entirely sure. I believe there's an in-between world, between our material world and heaven. I once thought it was nothingness, just a black void, but now I'm not so sure.

What do you mean?

Take Franny Bishop, for instance. She's a nineteenth century ghost madam. She's sort of decided to take me under her wing and so she pops in at different times to check up on me. If she pops in during the early morning, she's usually wearing a dressing gown and her hair is down.

And? I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Don't you see? She's wearing a dressing gown. As if she just got out of bed and threw on her robe. And she usually wears her hair up, not down.

Ah! I get it. So, at least in Franny's mind, she's been in bed sleeping?

Exactly. But that's not all. She has a very elaborate and extensive wardrobe. She rarely wears the same thing twice. So you see, if ghosts really lived in nothingness, why all the wardrobe changes? She's always giving me fashion advice. I'm afraid I'm hopeless, though.  *sigh*

Are all ghosts like that about their wardrobes?

Not at all. Bart Bagley, he is - er, was, Badger's dad. You remember, he's the murder victim in Givin' Up The Ghost. He wears the same jeans and pendleton shirt every time I see him.
Hmmm, interesting. I wonder why that is?

I think it has something to do with how long they've been dead and whether or not they've accepted their deaths. Bart's only been dead three months and definitely has not accepted his death. Do you remember what happened in the pub snug at the Blind Badger? He was awfully upset. That's why he wants me to help him find his murderer.

Whereas Franny has obviously been dead for a long time and doesn't seem to mind being dead at all. And neither does Hannah for that matter...

Hannah? Who's Hannah?

Don't you remember? She's the seventeenth century serving girl from the Blind Badger pub. She's very interactive. Loves technology, which totally aggravates Riley. She's always messing with her cell phone.

That's right - the technology-loving ghost.

Have you tried asking them where they go?

Well - in the next book, A Ghostly Thing Surprised, Franny and I have a conversation about the Soul Collector. She does mention a community meeting...

A community meeting? As in...a community meeting of organized ghosties?

*Indigo nods* It reminds me of a cross between a normal society and....

A normal society and what?

*whispers* The Withers

The Withers? You mean the Withers from Angela Brown's book, Neverlove?

*Indigo nods again*

Whoa. That's scary.

*Indigo's lips flatline*


  1. I think Bart is your average guy who just doesn't want to bother changing clothes! Of course, they have to be washed sometime...

    1. LOL!! Okay Alex, I can see that as an explanation for Bart :-)

  2. Such fun! Best interview of the day :)

  3. love how you and angela really get into your characters! great interview! ghosts can be hard to fathom =)

    1. Thanks, Tara. There are some things I enjoy writing about that don't have to come true :-)


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