Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flipping the Script - ParanormYA style

Gwen and I are thrilled to have another character visiting Partners in ParanormYA.  Basil, as you probably remember from NEVERLOVE's blurb, had a slip-of-the-tongue moment that bound him to servitude to, well, he doesn't like to talk much about that.  So instead, I offered to flip the script and let him ask me a few questions.

Yeah, so, Basil here.  I have a bone to pick - uh - I mean, a few questions for you, Angela Brown.

Angela:  Erm, okay.  So go for it.

Basil:  So you just couldn't let my parents be cool, huh?

Angela:  Oh, so this is THAT kind of interview?  Um, well, I mean, I don't know a whole lot of teens that think their parents are the coolest thing, ever.  But I'll admit, you had a tough cookie for a mom.

Basil:  Mother, not mom.

Angela: Oh, right.  That respect thing.  Got it.

Basil: Now, I admit, you kind of made up for it with Pam.  She was hot. *blushes*

Angela:  Well, good.  Glad you liked her.

Basil *quirking an eyebrow*:  I didn't say that.  I just said she was hot.

Angela *grinning wickedly*:  Well, what about Abby?

Basil: *stares off in the distance, glossy look to his eyes*

Angela *snaps fingers*

Basil: Uh...wait...what?  You got me thinking about Abby.

Angela *shaking my head*: Never mind

Now that Basil is thinking about Abby, I'm going to sneak off lol!!!

Um...hmmmm...that interview did not go quite as I planned.  But, I think I'm safe, for the moment lol!!

Has anyone else had an interview that went awry?


  1. Guys are easily distracted like that...

    1. So I noticed when I got to know Basil a bit more...especially after Abby got introduced lol!!

  2. Replies
    1. Cool. Although I think I may have to rethink flipping the script in the future lol!!!

  3. Yeah, I've had interviews go that way. Escape is easiest when subject is distracted.

  4. Not sure I want my characters interviewing me, lol. Although Indigo did sort of put me on the spot when I was interviewing her. They want things all perfect, you know? But with Basil's background, it's probably a good thing you snuck out of there. He's really sweet and all, but you just don't know what kind of things he has control of...oh wait...I guess you do know:)

    1. LOL!! You'd think I do know. But I have the sneaky suspicion he's got a few tricks up his sleeve. He is a sweetheart though...just, well, his mom - ahem, Mother - was very interesting.


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