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What Are Paranormya Abilities?

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I'll bet you didn't know that one of our members actually coined a new word in the formation of Partners in ParanormYA. I know she's not one to toot her own horn, so I'll do it for her. Angela Brown thought of it, and it's called paranormya (pronounced paranormia.)

Of course, we've figured out that it goes right after 'paranormal' in the dictionary:


Sounds like [par-uh-nawr-muhl]
adjective of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.


Sounds like [par-uh-norm-e-ah]
adjective/noun1. of or pertaining to supernatural occurrences, primarily affecting young adults between the ages of 13 – 18. The phenomena is without scientific explanation and includes happenings such as extrasensory perception, ghost whispering, and Psychometry, and
2. in a broader sense, includes those purportedly to blame for such occurrences, i.e., the master of hell (aka the Devil, Satan) and soul collectors.

Here are examples of paranormya from

Eighteen year old Basil collects souls using his journal, 'Nevermore.'  He sucks the lost souls into his pen and locks them into the pages of his journal with his blood as the ink. Here is a brief scene about Nevermore from Neverlove:

“So you suck at combat.” The corners of Drakar’s lip tilted in a lopsided grin.  He draped his arm on Basil’s shoulder.
“Right.  You’re the devil.  Comfort’s not your strong suit.”
“True.  Strategy is.  Which is why I get to know a little about my potential Harvestors before they, you know, get dead and all.  I remembered you had a penchant for writing.  I think this will be the best way for you to earn your keep.”  He handed Basil the package.
Basil resisted the urge to roll his eyes heavenward.  He barely recalled talking about his short-lived editing gig during class introductions.  A brown leather bound journal showed through after two quick rips of the flimsy wrapping.  Drakar brought his hand from behind his back.
“A pen. Just what I need.  I’ve been itching to write.”  A smile tugged at Basil’s lips.  He pursed his lips with a reminder that he was in hell, in an eternity of debt behind his careless choice of words with the wrong person.  Besides, there was no smiling in hell.  At least, not for him.
Sixteen year old Indigo Eady uses Psychometry as one her paranormya abilities. Psychometry is the reading of energy or history through touch of an object or person. Here's a scene with an example from Givin' Up The Ghost:

“Hey,” he said. “Are you all right? What happened in there?”
I sighed. How do I explain this?
“I, um, sometimes get visions through touching. It’s called Psychometry – reading the energy of objects or people through touch. When I shook hands with Nat, I had a vision of him shaking Shelly, pretty violently.”
Badger looked at me like I had a third eye in the middle of my forehead.
“The violence manifested itself by burning my hand.” I pulled my trembling hand out of my pocket, palm skyward. Tiny blisters bubbled up, bright, red and angry.
As you can see, our characters go through quite a bit of angst with paranormya occurrences. What kind of paranormya occurrences do your characters go through, if any? How about in real life?
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  1. This is cool, Gwen. Really cool. :)

    1. Thanks Linda! Angela is so clever and I'm quite lucky to be her paranormya partner:)

    2. *scurrying off to go blush*

      You're both really great :-)

  2. love those excerpts! and paranormya is a totally cool place! you two have created an awesome infected-by-spirits world!

  3. I love the pronunciation of paranormya. The entire concept is awesome!!


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