Thursday, October 18, 2012

1001 Ways to Use a Barrette

PIP Headquarters
3:17 p.m.

A cute girl clasps her hands in her lap, legs crossed at her ankles, seated at the PIP HQ kitchen table.  A pink curl dangles into her face.

The interrogation underway...

Indigo: So you're Mrs. Windleman's granddaughter, from down the street, right?

Cute girl:  Yep.  Just call me Mynda.

Abby: Okay, Mynda.  Why'd you record our party?

Indigo: Chill, Abby.  We can work our way to that.

Abby:  We can't.  Angela and Gwen will be back soon from checking how Basil and Badger did at Candilynn's blog.

Mynda: Um, excuse me...

Indigo: I heard Gwen and Angela whispering about a stop at Susan Kaye Quinn's blog.  But they don't have their names down for the stop.  I wonder who it could be?

Abby: I don't think I want to know.

Mynda: Hey, look, I didn't record your party.  Total lame move.

*Indigo's cheeks flush red at Mynda's apparent lie.  She flips open the laptop and speeds to the end of the recording (something both girls were too frantic to do until Basil and Badger made them watch the recording all the way through).  A flash of a pink haired girl briefly dips her head into the bathroom to check her hair.  The picture shifts slightly as she tucks a hair behind her ear and jostles a barrette.*

Abby: You're saying that's not you, Mynda?

Mynda:  That's me, but you saw what happened.  It was that barrette.  This guy stopped me on the way here and gave it to me, just asked me to give it back to him when I left.  I didn't know anything about the recording.  I do look cute, though.

Indigo:  And you did it?

Mynda:  He was hot.  Cool shades on even in the dark.  And his smile?  So, yeah.  It was just a barrette.

*Abby and Indigo exchange a glance.  Only one guy sported sun glasses at night...and it wasn't because he was cool.  And he was hot, alright...hell's fire hot:  Devourer.*


Just when they thought they'd nabbed their culprit, things get a bit more...complicated.  Why don't you go check out what the boys are up to at Candilynn Fite's Writerly Musings.  And don't forget to stop by Susan Kaye Quinn's blog to see WHO stopped by.


  1. Post isn't up at Susan's yet, but I'll check back.

    1. Cool. Thanks for checking things out, Alex.

  2. Ooooh, she really needs to steer clear of the hottie! If she knows what's good for her.

    Ladies, y'all are incredibly creative, energetic, and awesome. Ever think of selling that stuff in a bottle? I'd be your first customer. Heck, I'd sign up for life.

    1. You are soooo right. Little Miss Barrette would be in so much trouble if she allows herself to get to know Mr. "I wear sun glasses at night".

      And thank you for the compliment. It's one of the benefits of the partnership. We chat, e-mail, rattle ideas back and forth and put out the finished product :-)


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