Friday, October 19, 2012

Keys and a Grin, a Scary Grin

Driveway of PIP Headquarters
6 a.m. - ish

Indigo: Angela was cool to let us take her Nissan today.

Abby:  Yeah, we'll make it for our stop at Medeia Sharif's blog in no time.

Indigo: And I know we have to check out Elizabeth Seckman's blog.  I heard Gwen mention something about Supernatural.  Those guys rock.  So hot!

Abby *tosses the keys to Indigo*: Your turn.

Indigo: Sweet!

Abby: I'm a little concerned, though.

Indigo: Why?

Abby: When Angela gave me her keys, she was smiling.  Like, a scary grin.

Indigo: You don't think they know, do you?

Abby: No.  I don't think so. They can't.  Could they?

*Abby and Indigo leave things at that, hoping things will just get back to normal.*


Please check out Medeia Sharif's blog.  Abby and Indigo will be there.  And dive into a bit of Supernatural Fact or Fiction at Elizabeth Seckman's blog.

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  1. Thanks for stopping was too much fun!

    1. It was a joy putting the post together for our stop at your blog. Thanks so much Elizabeth :-)


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