Thursday, October 11, 2012

Badger in the Closet

PIP Headquarters
Blogtown, USA
October 11, 2012
Early a.m.

*knock, knock, knock*

Indigo peeks through the peephole and sees Badger, cute even through the wonky viewfinder. A smile spreads across Indigo's face. She opens the door and drags him inside.  Abby traipses down the hall to join them.

*Badger is empty-handed.*

*Indigo cocks her eyebrow, crosses her arms and taps her foot.*

Indigo: Don't tell me you forgot again? Two days in a row?

Badger: I tried, Indigo! Apparently there's a run on Wild Cherry Pepsi. I can't find it anywhere.

*The trio head down the hall to the entertainment room.*

Abby: Oh no. What are we going to do? Those were Angela's - if she finds out we drank her WCP...

Indigo: ...and had a party...

*Badger almost sat down on the virtual sofa, but changed his mind. Instead, he beat feet down the hall. Abby and Indigo chase after him.*

Abby: Where are you going?

Badger: I'm out of here. All I need is for Angela to find out I was here, and at a party here on Monday - she'll talk Gwen into making me the devil or something equally evil in her next novel. No, thank you!

*Voices at the front door causes a train derailment as the three teens collide in the hall.*

Indigo: Quick, in here!

*Abby opens the office door and Indigo shoves Badger inside.*

*Gwen and Angela come through the front door with Meradeth Houston.*

Abby: Hi! What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at Meradeth's blog today.

Angela: We only had one stop today, remember? So we thought we'd give Meradeth the tour before we head over to her place.

*The girls share worried looks. The office is where they happened to shove Badger into.*

While the girls work on getting out of this predicament, perhaps you'd like to head over to Meradeth Houston's blog. She's hosting us today, and we'll be talking about paranormal happenings and things of that nature.


  1. you guys crack me up!
    tour is going well!

    and i awarded all of you!

  2. LOL!! Thanks, Tara. We are talking about my Wild Cherry Pepsi here. :-)

  3. lol! This totally cracked me up! Super happy you all stopped by my place today :)

    1. Thanks, Meradeth. So glad you enjoyed the post and we're thankful for you giving us a chance to hijack your blog :-)

  4. Okay, you got me laughing. I'm reading NeverLove now (loving it!!!). Can't wait to get to Giving Up the Ghost next. :)

    1. Thanks, Linda. Glad you're enjoying it. And you're going to love GUTG!


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