Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Great Destruction: What the Ectoplasm is That?

We are proud to bring you a very special Partners in ParanormYA miniseries. The Great Destruction was created for your viewing pleasure, and will run all week in honor of Angela’s and Gwen’s new book releases.

And now, for Episode III: What the Ectoplasm is That?


*Gwen, Abby and Indigo stand paralyzed with a clear, slimy substance dripping down their faces and clothing. Angela is attempting, with little success, to pick herself up off the floor*

Gwen: Oh. Here, Angela. Let me help. *She extends her hand. Angela grasps it and Gwen pulls…and slips down with a thunk next to Angela*

Abby: *snort* Oh. Uh. Sorry. It’s completely not funny.

Indigo: No. *she shakes her head* Completely *snort* not *snort* funny.

*The girls burst into laughter*

*Angela and Gwen lay on their backs, staring at the ceiling*

Angela to Gwen: Any idea what this stuff is?

*background giggling continues*

Gwen to Angela: Well, it sort of looks like Ectoplasm. You know, that stuff that spirits sometimes fling at living people because…well, I don’t know why. They just do.

Angela: *goes wild-eyed* You tryin’ to tell me we have some random ghosts here flinging *raises her dripping hand* slime around? *she rolls over* Help me up. Help me up, Gwen. We got to get the freak out of here…”


Will the ladies of PIP ever get off the floor? Stay tuned for episode IV of The Great Destruction: Don’t Freak On Me Now, tomorrow, when you will also find links for Thursday’s tour stops.

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  1. See like any black person Angela gets out at the first sign of freaky. That's why white people die so much in horror movies (minus the 'token' black person). Way too curious. That was just nasty, Indigo can stay laughing by herself.

  2. And I'm right behind her, Sheena-Kay! She's just quicker than I am, LOL!


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