Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Great Destruction: The Unforgiven

We are proud to bring you a very special Partners in ParanormYA miniseries. The Great Destruction was created for your viewing pleasure, and will run all week in honor of Angela’s and Gwen’s new book releases.

 And now for episode II: The Unforgiven


Indigo: Now, Angela. You have to believe us. We totally learned our lesson the last time we threw an unauthorized party.

Abby:  Seriously. How stupid would we be to leave a mess this big? *Indigo throws her meaningful look* Oh. Um. I mean, of course we wouldn’t leave a mess this big because we wouldn’t have another secret party, so, uh, no party, no mess. Right?

*Angela’s eyes are still narrowed in disbelief, but she’s willing to listen*

Gwen: No, the girls are way smarter than that now.

Indigo, in a tone of surprise: Thank you, Gwen.

Gwen: I mean, if they drank your Wild Cherry Pepsi, they’d totally replace it.

*Abby’s face turns indignant. She opens her mouth to reply, when she catches another meaningful look from Indigo*

Angela:  *reluctantly* Well, all right, then. I guess maybe you wouldn’t do that again. But if not you two, then who?

*Angela starts to wade back through the mess, when, slip, zip, slide, her feet zoom out from under her. She lands on her backside, feet flailing in the air. Something slimy drips from her shoes. She freaks and kicks her feet…*


What the heck landed Angela on her backside? Stay tuned for episode III of The Great Destruction: What the Ectoplasm is That?, tomorrow, when you will also find links for Wednesday’s tour stops.

Today's PIP Blitz Tour stops are here:

Hope you can join us!

Angela and Gwen

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  1. Congrats on your book release. Awesome you're both doing it together again.

    1. Thanks Natalie. We have tons of fun releasing our books together.

  2. What a pair of scamps. Congrats on another joint release and tour!

    1. Us or the characters? LOL, thanks for coming by, Nick :)

  3. Oh oh! I hope it's not Slimer!! Hehehe!


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