Thursday, March 21, 2013

Can You Do The Splits?

And the battle continues!
Paper Book
Thank you Debbie Ohi

If I could draw, I'd illustrate 20K feet in the air and the Ebook battery dies. That'd be one more round for the paperback.
I'm thinking the paperback wins this round...
I know the paperback is hating on the ebook, but ebook does have good qualities. Like 200 books you can carry around with you every day. Not only that, but a variety of reading material so you can read whatever you're in the mood for.
What do you think?
Do you prefer paperback or ebook?


  1. I'm a total eBook convert.
    And since my eReader is an iPad, I'll ask Mr. Paperback if he can play a movie, surf the Web, play music, and offer games.

  2. I adore my e-books, especially the ability to get some great reads at wallet-friendly prices. But I do enjoy the ability to grab a book, hold it in my hand and not flip out if my orange juice or Wild Cherry Pepsi drips a bit on it :-)

    1. I agree, Angela. I'm mostly reading ebooks these days because of the instant gratification and affordability. But I do still love paperback.

  3. Ha, those are great. I prefer books. My eyes don't get tired reading them and I don't have to worry about Digital Rights Management making it obsolete in three years.


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