Thursday, March 7, 2013

Before NEO...

Network of
Extraordinaires &

A group of heroes and heroines living life quietly, day by day, training and such, as needed.

Until they are needed. Which can happen when malcontent humans or jealous gods and godesses decide to take their irritation out on the world. Or say...someone decides it's time for the world to face a reboot of mankind.

Before NEO, many of the members were regular teens - okay, not so regular. But saving mankind wasn't the first thing on their mind.

They loved. They hurt. And they dealt with the obstacles life threw their way.
FRAILTIES OF THE BOND is a story of one such teen couple

Two teens...
Two lies...
Their paths collide when...
One bite changes a life.

After a hiking trip gone wrong, sixteen-year-old Luca should have been dead. Since then, he’s drifted from one school day to the next, annoyed by the looks of suspicion. When a vampire attack claimed his mother and forced his first shift into animal form, Luca set out for Texas, vengeance bound, only to discover so much more when Aimee crossed his path.

Flesh-born of vampire parents sixteen years ago, Aimee shouldn’t exist. Magic, though, made dreams come true for an undead couple desperate for a child all their own. But this magic came with a price, a cost Aimee discovered after one forbidden bite.


  1. A reboot of mankind?! Sounds scary *shivers*. Can't wait for the next book :)

    1. Remember that "Fall" hinted at in Neverlove...well, eventually, somebody or something is going to try and make good on it.

      Hence, NEO.

  2. Awesome, Angela. So excited for you. And impressed with all you're accomplishing with what you have on your plate.

    1. It's a teetering see-saw act that imbalances quite often (lol!!!) but it's an adventure!

  3. I'm excited about this book! That cover just mesmerizes me.


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