Monday, April 1, 2013

April A to Z, B for Brief Break

Hello! Hola! Ni Hao and Aloha!

The Partners in ParanormYA have been up to plenty of mischief...

Frailties of the Bond released in the last week as just an example.

The month of April will be an extra busy time around the blogosphere. Bloggers from east, west, north and south will be participating in the A to Z blogging challenge. Although PIP Angela Brown will be cave-bound working on the sequel to Neverlove, follow up NEO Chronicles projects, and a sekrit MG project that may no be so sekrit if she keeps talking about it, PIP Gwen Gardner will be participating in the A to Z blogging challenge. Make sure to stop by their blogs to enjoy what Gwen has in store for A to Z and keep up with Angela to see what nonsense - erm - activities she's up to.

PIP's blog will go on a brief break for the month of April. But we'll be back!!

Are you participating in A to Z? If so, have a theme to share?

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  1. I'll be doing the Challenge with another one of the Fearless. Have a great April, ladies!


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