Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Say NO to Pea Soup

Okay, so pea soup may not be so bad. I haven't tried it personally, but thanks to one particular movie, I'm not interested in EVER giving it a chance.

What movie would that be? You're here with the Partners in ParanormYA so you know it's not a contemporary tale of love that turned me completely OFF to something that could actually be tasty.

Let's have some fun and see who can come up with the title. Here are a few hints:
 - a supernatural horror movie from the early 1970's
 - a movie based on a novel that was in turn inspired by a true story
 - the movie starred a girl but the real life story that inspired the novel centers on events surrounding a boy

Just thinking about that movie makes me want to sprinkle holy water on every inch of my home then take a shower in it for safe measure...oh, and spray Chipmunk down with holy water as well *shivers*

So can you guess?


  1. It totally wouldn't be fair for me to guess, since I was actually a young teenager in the early 1970's and that was like the movie of the year!!! But I DO know what it is :D

  2. The Exorcist!
    I didn't like pea soup even before that movie.


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