Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ghostly Communications

Whenever something I consider paranormal happens, it always brings back to me that the reality we experience every day isn't all there is. There's more. Soooo much more.

While at work on Monday, someone's cell phone went off and a voice echoed throughout the office that, "Your father is trying to reach you." I can tell you, it gave me pause, because I knew the father of this person to be deceased. My heart quickened for just a flash...

But upon further research, it wasn't that person's phone.

Still, my search for the phone prompted giggles and another story that goes something like this:

My friend was driving a truck and had to make a split second decision; to plow into a school bus full of children or drive off a bridge into an abyss. He drove off the bridge and died. An hour later his wife received a text from him that he was all right. She didn't even know he was dead yet...

Yeah, these are definitely episodes waiting to happen in one of my books. I have a technology-loving seventeenth century wench as a secondary character. I'm pretty sure I'll be using something like that in my novella tentatively entitled The Power of Three in which this character features pretty prominently.

Have you ever experienced the paranormal?
Where do you get your story ideas from?


  1. The story of the guy driving off the bridge is creepy. Can't say I've experienced any strange happenings.

  2. It is creepy, Alex. And I've experienced plenty of creepy things, too.


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