Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spotted: PIP Hoppers and Next Big Thing

Last episode, Gwen and I were taking off down a ginnel - tunnel - for a little ghost hunting. However, I think we made a left when we should have made a right. Or I had the map turned sideways instead of straight side up. Either way, we found ourselves at a magnificent Facebook spot called Untethered Realms. There, we joined with a few other Indie authors to share and support one another. If you haven't already, please stop here and "Like" us :-)

From there, we had to draw the hunt to a close. Good thing we did, too. Piles of paper poured through the door when we returned to PIP HQ.
Gwen handed me her gear and immediately activated her super powers; organizing, collating, grouping, compiling, and turning the place back into a respectable version of chaos. I found my Wild Cherry Pepsis remained unharmed so I was great.

Now, I can't say I'm just excited. I'm excited, thrilled, ecstatic, through-the-roof, dancing-a-jig and boot-scootin' happy to remind everyone of the Next Big Thing my PIP, Gwen, is doing.

It's the Indies 4 Hire Event at FB. Get the deets and more by going here to check it out and join in the fun to come. Starts January 21st. WOOT!

Now, where has entering a dark and creepy ginnel taken you? For us, it was certainly an interwebz adventure :-)


  1. LOL!! Probably got lost at one of the many other places we've been at :-)

  2. Hey gals! Just poppin' in to say hello. I'm not sure about everyone else, but it's soccer season for us. My daughter is playing varsity this year, and whoa! it's a lot of soccer! We've had tournaments galore (3-day tournies each week in Jan), practice all the other days. I haven't had much time to be on FB or the blog. :( Miss everyone!

    1. Wow, Candilynn. I don't know how you're keeping it all together. But thanks so much for stopping by :-)


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