Thursday, November 15, 2012

Devil and the Touch

Today, I was going to post about our One Lovely Blog Award given to us by the awesome Tara Tyler. But since my computer is on strike (I'm using the hubs right now) , I took the easy route and am posting one of our Partners in ParanormYA tour posts that didn't actually get posted.

Devil and the Touch

Let’s talk about touch - the paranormal kind - the kind that features in both Neverlove and Givin’ Up The Ghost, only in different ways.

Indigo (Givin’ Up The Ghost) is psychometric. She can read the history of an object, or person, through touch. For example, she is so sensitive to things she touches, that if she lifts a pint glass and the person who drank from the glass is a heavy drinker... you got it...she gets drunk. Wasted. Sloshed. Check out what happens in this scene when she wraps a hand around a pint glass:

I opened my eyes. My head pounded as I lay sprawled amidst broken glass on the sticky floor of Dickey Dan’s. The rank odor of stale beer assaulted my senses and I quickly rolled over and upchucked right there. All over Badger’s boots. All four of them. Looking up, I tried to focus. Badger stood there. Both of him. “Double the pleasure.” I giggled, and lay back. The room spun. “Whoa, someone stop this thing and let me off.”

As you can see, Indigo has the so-called ‘gift’ of touch, but absolutely no control over it.

Pam (a villain from Neverlove) on the other hand, has complete control over siphoning - the process of stealing soul energy.  Pam would like to be in control of everything, but siphoning is something she excels at.  For her, it isn’t stealing.  It’s survival of the fittest.  As a Harvestor, she sees herself as fitter than a mere human bound to Earth’s realms and rules, something she’s been doing for a long time.  Don’t ask her how long, though, or she may do this to you for general purposes:

Pam reached up and jerked the man’s face down. Her lips bound to his. He squawked in protest half a heartbeat then loosened like Jello.

Yeah.  It’s a kiss.  More like the kiss of drain.  Guess where his guy ended up?

Husband and wife laid side by side like heaped rag dolls.

No, Pam had no qualms about his wife standing there…not when his wife was otherwise occupied as a drained rag doll as well.

So, whether controlled or out-of-control, paranormal abilities – when it comes to ‘touch’ – can suck, or they can suck you dry.  Which would you rather have?


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